Over the years, many athletes have trusted J-Train to help prepare them for the season ahead.  Scroll down to meet a few of them.

Dave Porecki – Saracens Rugby/ London Irish Rugby – Hooker

“Over the past 5 years I have worked with James at J-Train Athletic Performance. In that time I haven’t come across a strength and conditioning coach that has more of a desire to help athletes develop and succeed. James took me under his wing after only meeting him a few times when I was recovering from severe leg injuries and was immediately involved in my rehabilitation, we started from the beginning and built a strength framework and experimented with what style of training worked best for me, which I still consistently use. The old-school hard working environment James has built in his gym is second to none, and I have trained in some amazing facilities over the course of my career. This is a testament to James’ work ethic and his ability to put goals into action, which is what athletes want, a coach that can guide you to your goals”

Richie Walsh – UFC Fighter

“James Brodie is a sensational trainer who is constantly evolving and upgrading his already impressive skill set . I have worked with James and appreciate his absolute ambition for sports and all things related to athletes and athletics. He is a enthusiastic coach who is making his own legacy as one of Australia’s best s and c coaches. I’m honoured to have learnt from him as well as trained.

J-Train is an unbelievable facility that boasts some of the best workout gear available to athletes looking for the edge . Forget your cheap gyms with cheap gear, j train is affordable and offers the best equipment for getting in the best shape. Highly recommend”

Nat Setiadji – Track Athlete (Hurdles)

​”Transitioning from a junior to senior athlete can be a real challenge however, with help from James it’s been an enjoyable and rewarding journey. Before starting at J-Train the extent of my strength and conditioning was help from my dad in the backyard gym and I knew that I needed more. Since then, I can easily say that I have never been more prepared from an S&C point of view. My programs have been very specific and interesting. I’ve learnt so much along the way and improved immensely. Because of my lack of experience, one-on-one sessions seemed like the best option and it turned out to compliment my training in more ways than I had expected. Whilst the gym has incredible facilities, the coaches are not only a wealth of knowledge but a friend in the best of times. Being that athletics is an individual sport, it’s often difficult to outsource the appropriate help but I’ve found all that I need at J-Train. It’s been inspiring to have such a committed, supportive and enthusiastic coach in my corner and I would thoroughly recommend the team at J-Train to any athlete looking to take their training to the next level.”

Kieran Hayward – LSU Division 1 Basketball

“J-Train Athletic Performance has played a huge part in my preparation for college basketball. The facilities along with the program designed for me allowed me to gain almost 7kgs over the last few months. I loved how the program was catered specially to my needs as well, to help me become the best I can be on the basketball court. I would definitely recommend J-Train Athletic to any athlete who is serious about their performance in their respective sports or if you just wanna get in the gym and train properly.”

Harry Ascroft – Central Coast Mariners Player

“I began training with J-Train Athletic early may 2016. My origional goal was to improve size and weight without losing any of my speed in an 8 week block. Jake and the team at J-Train introduced me to a workout plan that involved all areas I wanted to improve in. Within the program, not only did i find out correct technique of exercises but to my advantage Jake explained and gave valuable informtion as o why these exercises were improtant to my sport.

Each week I see myself getting stronger, faster and more athletic. This can only be put down to the boys from J-Train and after working with them, I cannot wait to get back to my pre-season with the Central Coast Mariners.

On a personal note, James and Jake are both top blokes, who have both done everything possible to assist me with my training goals. They have provided an awsome workout enviroment by creating a great facility, along with a good sense of humour and some bearable banter! “

Liz Clay – 5th Ranked National Hurdler 2016

“J-Train opened their doors to me in mid 2015 as an ambassador athlete. Prior to this I was doing my S and C on my own with a general program from my physio. Within weeks of training with my J-Train coach Jake, I had started to understand the importance of specialised and periodised programming in the gym and the effect it could have on my performance on the track. I came to Jtrain as a very injury prone athlete and throughout my training Jake could accomodate for every niggle I had to make sure each session had 110% effort put in. As a sprint hurdler we worked on my posterior chain, plyos, core strength and upper body. In my first race of the season I ran an equal PB of 13.61 and 3 months later finished the season with a new PB of 13.51. Both Jake and James devoted hours to my training and the facilities so we didn’t leave a stone unturned. Most importantly J-Train was able to transfer my strength in the gym into power on the track. If you want to get the most out of s and c for your own sport, J-Train have the brains, innovation, skills and facilities to get you to the top and keep you there. I have been so grateful for their knowledge and support and cannot wait for other athletes to succeed like I have with J-Train.”

Alicia Quirk – Australian 7’s Rugby Team

“7 things I love about the gym

1. The one on one training offered with j-Train. Nothing beats personalized sessions and individualized coaching

2. J-train’s passion and enthusiasm to train me and better my performance based on his analysis of my specific sporting requirements

3. The friendliness of all other members of the gym and the family feel the gym provides

4. That the set up of the gym creates an open learning environment where everyone can learn from each other regardless of discipline and training ability

5. The world class equipment and recovery facilities that are available give you confidence knowing they are directly related to giving you the edge

6. The large amounts of sweat, heart and laughter that are encouraged

7. That I can use the gym as whatever I need it for, a recovery centre, a training facility, a chill out zone, a coffee catch up or a reassuring conversation. It’s got it all!”

Jamie Krups – Professional Free Surfer

“I met James when i was 14, and since that day he has always been in my corner. Training with James isn’t the usual do this then do that. Its the whole what where when and how. Because of his unique approach towards all individuals he trains, not only do you gain a greater success in whatever goals you may have, you come out of the session with more knowledge than when you went in.He is one of the most committed individuals i know, towards both his clients and his facility, and i can’t thank him enough.”

Jared West – Nationally Ranked 800m Runner

“I came to J-Train off the back of 18 months of various injuries. Having little exposure to S & C previously, Jake has done an incredible job structuring my program to both rebuild stability, as well as increasing my power output.  In the few months I’ve been training with Jake I’ve seen huge improvements in stability as well as power output, most importantly I’ve seen these improvements reflected in the work I do on the track. While at J-Train I’ve built confidence in by body to handle the rigorous training load required to be a successful middle distance runner

For someone new to S&C, J-train has provided the perfect environment to learn and enjoy my training, the culture around the gym is great and the facilities are top notch.”

Reece Hodge – Melbourne Rebels and Wallaby

“J-Train Athletic has had a huge influence on my career so far, and will no doubt serve the same purpose for many athletes as they pursue their respective goals in the future. I first met James when I was a 16/17 year old with limited weight training experience, and right from the start he was a wealth of knowledge and always willing to help out with technique, programming and anything else that would help my rugby. By putting so much time and effort into improving the Youth Reach gym, and then carrying that quality over to his new state of the art gym in Brookvale, he created a positive environment where myself and many others looked forward to training every day. Combining that with the hours of research and experience he has acquired over the years, he was the perfect man to help build and maintain my strength when I was injured in 2014. He always found new ways to vary things up, keep it enjoyable and, most importantly, help me get results which resulted in a successful return to rugby in 2015. Even now, whenever I’m back in Sydney, there’s nowhere else I’d rather train than at J-Train Athletic Performance under James’ guidance.”

Alex Northam – Stade Rochelais – Top 14 Rugby France

“Hands down the best set up I’ve been to in Sydney! As somebody that relies on speed and power for my sport I’m always searching for ways to improve. The unique equipment and individualised programs at J Train’s gym have helped me enhance these aspects. In all sports injury prevention is paramount and James has helped me identify my weaker areas and then turned them into my strongest. I’ve had many trainers and coaches over the years and I would consider James Brodie to be up there with the best. I look forward to every session with James because I know that when I leave I have improved.”

Jack Entwistle – Pro Longboarder

​​”Working with James from Jtrain has helped me a lot with my surfing improving my physical performance and overall fitness. James has a great understanding of all types of fitness and has tought me a lot about training as each session is different yet still combines all aspects of fitness. This has helped me gain the most out of each session. It has been sick working with James over the last couple months and i look forward to working with him in the future to help me achieve my goals”

Tom Atkinson – Professional Ironman 

“This years Kelloggs Nutri Grain Ironman Series saw a shift to a shorter, faster, sprint format. James tailored my program both in and out of the gym to best prepare me for this. James programs has no doubt taken me to another level racing against the fittest ironman in the world in some of the harshest conditions Australia has to offer.”

Jimmy Broadbent – Australian Superbike Rider

​”Since J Train came on board at the start of this 2017 season, my capabilities on the bike have expanded dramatically thanks to there unique and diverse ways of training the specific areas i needed to improve. They even introduced me to some new weaknesses and taught me how to overcome them. The boys here are true professionals of there trade, with there skill set to specialising in athletic performance, no matter what the sport, these guys have u covered.”

Isaac Buckley – Professional Boxer

“After a recommendation from Kerry Foley, I came to Jake off the back of my Professional Boxing debut. Having an amateur record of 8-0, and moving into the professional ranks, I realised it was time for me to go into my training with a professional approach. I had no previous exposure to S & C and Jake made sure to build my program progressively so that i could develop the attributes that i need to succeed in boxing.

Since working with Jake, my power output and base of strength has increased more than i thought was possible. I was under the impression that lifting weights would slow me down but have learnt that when programming is applied correctly, it is extremely beneficial to how I fight. Outside of my strength work, Jake manages my conditioning sets and monitors training loads with punch tracking and data analysis.

Jake’s professional approach to my training and load monitoring has made me understand the importance of S&C and how beneficial it can be to all fighters. I would suggest to any boxer that they look at implementing this outside of their boxing program and work with a professional like Jake to ensure they are not leaving any stone un-turned.  It has changed the way i fight and prepare for any bouts.”

Kerry Foley – Professional Boxer

​”In my years of professional boxing i have trained under a range of different coaches and Jake is one of the most professional and knowledgeable i have come across. His approach toward my programming makes my fight prep a lot easier to manage around sparring and all of my previous injuries. I was a fighter who had been riddled with injuries and working in the last 12 months with Jake, we have managed to reduce my niggles and prevent me from missing any training leading into a fight.

Jake is constantly working and researching for ways to help me perform at my best and always gives great understanding to why we do things. I am the fittest i have been in a few years now and feeling in great shape with still 6 weeks until my next fight. I would recommend Jakes services to any boxer looking to improve their athleticism and ability coming into a fight. “

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